Robust trapped-ion quantum logic gates by continuous dynamical decoupling


A Bermudez, PO Schmidt, MB Plenio, and A Retzker. 4/4/2012. “Robust trapped-ion quantum logic gates by continuous dynamical decoupling.” Physical Review a, 85, 4. Publisher's Version


We introduce a scheme that combines phonon-mediated quantum logic gates in trapped ions with the benefits of continuous dynamical decoupling. We demonstrate theoretically that a strong driving of the qubit decouples it from external magnetic-field noise, enhancing the fidelity of two-qubit quantum gates. Moreover, the scheme does not require ground-state cooling, and is inherently robust to undesired ac Stark shifts. The underlying mechanism can be extended to a variety of other systems where a strong driving protects the quantum coherence of the qubits without compromising the two-qubit couplings.
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