Robust dynamical decoupling with concatenated continuous driving


JM Cai, B Naydenov, R Pfeiffer, LP McGuinness, KD Jahnke, F Jelezko, MB Plenio, and A Retzker. 11/20/2012. “Robust dynamical decoupling with concatenated continuous driving.” New Journal of Physics, 14. Publisher's Version


The loss of coherence is one of the main obstacles for the implementation of quantum information processing. The efficiency of dynamical decoupling schemes, which have been introduced to address this problem, is limited itself by the fluctuations in the driving fields which will themselves introduce noise. We address this challenge by introducing the concept of concatenated continuous dynamical decoupling, which can overcome not only external magnetic noise but also noise due to fluctuations in driving fields. We show theoretically that this approach can achieve relaxation limited coherence times, and demonstrate experimentally that already the most basic implementation of this concept yields an order of magnitude improvement to the decoherence time for the electron spin of nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond. The proposed scheme can be applied to a wide variety of other physical systems, including trapped atoms and ions and quantum dots, and may be combined with other quantum technologies challenges such as quantum sensing and quantum information processing.
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