Quantum magnetism of spin-ladder compounds with trapped-ion crystals


A Bermudez, J Almeida, K Ott, H Kaufmann, S Ulm, U Poschinger, F Schmidt-Kaler, A Retzker, and MB Plenio. 9/25/2012. “Quantum magnetism of spin-ladder compounds with trapped-ion crystals.” New Journal of Physics, 14. Publisher's Version


The quest for experimental platforms that allow for the exploration, and even control, of the interplay of low dimensionality and frustration is a fundamental challenge in several fields of quantum many-body physics, such as quantum magnetism. Here, we propose the use of cold crystals of trapped ions to study a variety of frustrated quantum spin ladders. By optimizing the trap geometry, we show how to tailor the low dimensionality of the models by changing the number of legs of the ladders. Combined with a method for selectively hiding ions provided by laser addressing, it becomes possible to synthesize stripes of both triangular and Kagome lattices. Besides, the degree of frustration of the phonon-mediated spin interactions can be controlled by shaping the trap frequencies. We support our theoretical considerations by initial experiments with planar ion crystals, where a high and tunable anisotropy of the radial trap frequencies is demonstrated. We take into account an extensive list of possible error sources under typical experimental conditions, and describe explicit regimes that guarantee the validity of our scheme.
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