Mixed dynamical decoupling


Genko T Genov, Nati Aharon, Fedor Jelezko, and Alex Retzker. 2019. “Mixed dynamical decoupling.” Quantum Science and Technology, 4, 3. Publisher's Version


We propose a scheme for mixed dynamical decoupling (MDD), where we combine continuous dynamical decoupling with robust sequences of phased pulses. Specifically, we use two fields for decoupling, where the first continuous driving field creates dressed states that are robust to environmental noise. Then, a second field implements a robust sequence of phased pulses to perform inversions of the dressed qubits, thus achieving robustness to amplitude fluctuations of both fields. We show that MDD outperforms standard concatenated continuous dynamical decoupling in realistic numerical simulations for dynamical decoupling in NV centers in diamond. Finally, we also demonstrate how our technique can be utilized for improved sensing.
Last updated on 03/21/2021