Low Field Nano-NMR via Three-Level System Control


J. Cerrillo, S. Oviedo Casado, and J. Prior. 6/3/2021. “Low Field Nano-NMR via Three-Level System Control.” PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 126, 22. Publisher's Version


Conventional control strategies for nitrogen-vacancy centers in quantum sensing are based on a two-level model of their triplet ground state. However, this approach fails in regimes of weak bias magnetic fields or strong microwave pulses, as we demonstrate. To overcome this limitation, we propose a novel control sequence that exploits all three levels by addressing a hidden Raman configuration with microwave pulses tuned to the zero-field transition. We report excellent performance in typical dynamical decoupling sequences, opening up the possibility for nano-NMR operation in low field environments.
Last updated on 06/09/2021