Long-lived driven solid-state quantum memory


JM Cai, F Jelezko, N Katz, A Retzker, and MB Plenio. 9/17/2012. “Long-lived driven solid-state quantum memory.” New Journal of Physics, 14. Publisher's Version


We investigate the performance of inhomogeneously broadened spin ensembles as quantum memories under continuous dynamical decoupling. The role of the continuous driving field is twofold: firstly, it decouples individual spins from magnetic noise; secondly, and more importantly, it suppresses and reshapes the spectral inhomogeneity of spin ensembles. We show that a continuous driving field, which itself may also be inhomogeneous over the ensemble, can considerably enhance the decay of the tails of the inhomogeneous broadening distribution. This fact enables a spin-ensemble-based quantum memory to exploit the effect of cavity protection and achieve a much longer storage time. In particular, for a spin ensemble with a Lorentzian spectral distribution, our calculations demonstrate that continuous dynamical decoupling has the potential to improve its storage time by orders of magnitude for the state-of-the-art experimental parameters.
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