Input-output Gaussian channels: theory and application


T Tufarelli, A Retzker, MB Plenio, and A Serafini. 9/26/2012. “Input-output Gaussian channels: theory and application.” New Journal of Physics, 14. Publisher's Version


Setting off from the classic input–output formalism, we develop a theoretical framework to characterize the Gaussian quantum channels relating the initial correlations of an open bosonic system to those of properly identified output modes. We then proceed to apply our formalism to the case of quantum harmonic oscillators, such as the motional degrees of freedom of trapped ions or nanomechanical oscillators, interacting with travelling electromagnetic modes through cavity fields and subject to external white noise. We thus determine the degree of squeezing that can be transferred from an intra-cavity oscillator to light and show that the intra-cavity squeezing can be transformed into distributed optical entanglement if one can access both output fields of a two-sided cavity.
Last updated on 07/04/2021