Increasing Sensing Resolution with Error Correction


G Arrad, Y Vinkler, D Aharonov, and A Retzker. 4/16/2014. “Increasing Sensing Resolution with Error Correction.” Physical Review Letters, 112, 15. Publisher's Version


The signal to noise ratio of quantum sensing protocols scales with the square root of the coherence time. Thus, increasing this time is a key goal in the field. By utilizing quantum error correction, we present a novel way of prolonging such coherence times beyond the fundamental limits of current techniques. We develop an implementable sensing protocol that incorporates error correction, and discuss the characteristics of these protocols in different noise and measurement scenarios. We examine the use of entangled versue untangled states, and error correction’s reach of the Heisenberg limit. The effects of error correction on coherence times are calculated and we show that measurement precision can be enhanced for both one-directional and general noise.
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