Fully robust qubit in atomic and molecular three-level systems


N Aharon, I Cohen, F Jelezko, and A Retzker. 12/12/2016. “Fully robust qubit in atomic and molecular three-level systems.” New Journal of Physics, 18. Publisher's Version


We present a new method of constructing a fully robust qubit in a three-level system. By the application of continuous driving fields, robustness to both external and controller noise is achieved. Specifically, magnetic noise and power fluctuations do not operate within the robust qubit subspace. Whereas all the continuous driving based constructions of such a fully robust qubit considered so far have required at least four levels, we show that in fact only three levels are necessary. This paves the way for simple constructions of a fully robust qubit in many atomic and solid state systems that are controlled by either microwave or optical fields. We focus on the NV-center in diamond and analyze the implementation of the scheme, by utilizing the electronic spin sub-levels of its ground state. In current state-of-the-art experimental setups the scheme leads to improvement of more than two orders of magnitude in coherence time, pushing it towards the lifetime limit. We show how the fully robust qubit can be used to implement quantum sensing, and in particular, the sensing of high frequency signals.
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