Enhancing the fidelity of two-qubit gates by measurements


T Gefen, D Cohen, I Cohen, and A Retzker. 3/9/2017. “Enhancing the fidelity of two-qubit gates by measurements.” Physical Review a, 95, 3. Publisher's Version


Dynamical decoupling techniques are the method of choice for increasing gate fidelities. While these methods have produced very impressive results in terms of decreasing local noise and increasing the fidelities of single-qubit operations, dealing with the noise of two-qubit gates has proven more challenging. The main obstacle is that the noise time scale is shorter than the two-qubit gate itself, so that refocusing methods do not work. We present a measurement- and feedback-based method to suppress two-qubit-gate noise, which cannot be suppressed by conventional methods. We analyze in detail this method for an error model, which is relevant for trapped-ion quantum information.
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