Correlated noise in Brownian motion allows for super resolution


Santiago Oviedo-Casado, Amit Rotem, Ramil Nigmatullin, Javier Prior, and Alex Retzker. 11/12/2020. “Correlated noise in Brownian motion allows for super resolution.” Scientific Reports . Publisher's Version


Diffusion broadening of spectral lines is the main limitation to frequency resolution in non-polarized liquid state nano-NMR. This problem arises from the limited amount of information that can be extracted from the signal before losing coherence. For liquid state NMR as with most generic sensing experiments, the signal is thought to decay exponentially, severely limiting resolution. However, there is theoretical evidence that predicts a power law decay of the signal’s correlations due to diffusion noise in the non-polarized nano-NMR scenario. In this work we show that in the NV based nano-NMR setup such diffusion noise results in high spectral resolution.
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